We made it our mission to create Next Level applications to experience and control digital media for everyone!

People with cognitive and/or physical impairments are omnipresent members of our society. Their abilities and interests are as much diverse as yours and mine. However their interests often shift to the digital domain, as through digital media they are able to more easily access and experience the world, since they can often not go to places like we can. But the availability of high-quality and attractive applications to autonomously control and experience digital media is poor. And that’s where we come in.

Hug & Play was founded by Laurie, Ard and Luuk. Three individuals involved in the development and marketing of Pillo, the soft and accessible game controller. As its market grew, we visited more and more clients and organizations. As we met more people, we fell in love with their drive to use interactive digital media. We spoke with them and their caretakers about the opportunities that interactive digital media presents to access and experience the world from right out of their home or wheelchair. So began our journey of creating accessible interactivity for people with special needs.

Yesterday we listened, today we created, tomorrow we helped...

Ard Jacobs

Hardware & Business development


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Laurie Sieben

Quality Management & User Testing


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Luuk van Aggelen

Software development & Technical support


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