All the games within the Dotty, Jolly and Zippy collection are designed according to our unique Next Level model for developing cognitive, social and motor skills. This model is developed based on experience and research from therapists and academics. Our goal is to bring you an exciting and engaging game experience while developing your skills.

How do we define the levels?

In order to help players develop their interactivity skills, we are working together with both therapists for their practical experience and academics for their theoretical insights. Based on their work and research, we’ve abstracted a model that supports people in the development of cognitive, motor and even social skills, while having fun with interactive applications.

How do we design the games?

In our team we have multiple years of experience in making games for children and people with special needs. We have made games for rehabilitation, training and entertainment. But as every project is unique, we develop and test the games with our targeted players continuously throughout the making process, to ensure that the games are fun and engaging while teaching players new skills. We are happy only when you are dazzled, amazed, challenged and engaged!

Level 1-2 (Dotty)

Learn the basics of interactivity in this unique collection of engaging action-reaction games.

Interactivity starts with curiosity. The Dotty games are using rich visual representation and strong audio feedback to trigger curiosity. With only a single action (with any preferred input device), the games generate vivid audiovisual feedback to reward the player for interacting. Each interaction generates another response and does not allow for failing. Therefore, the player is stimulated to repeat the interaction multiple times, creating a long-lasting and non-stressful experience.

In the level two games, players are asked to perform multiple actions to receive more rewarding audiovisual feedback. Players are also given the opportunity to choose the order of the interactions by activating specific areas on the screen. However, the games still present a clear pattern and predictable feedback. It is the next step in strengthening basic interactivity skills.

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Required skills Gameplay Results Stress Level Developmental age
Level 1 Requires a single action to trigger feedback Highly predictable
  • Activates players through audio-visual feedback
  • Initiates motor control
  • Very Low 1 - 2 years
    Level 2
    Requires subsequent actions to trigger bigger feedback
  • Stimulates repetitive actions
    Develops motor control
  • Initiates social awareness (presence of other players)
  • Very low 2 - 3 years

    Level 3-4 (Jolly)

    Step up your interactivity skills in this collection of dynamic and expressive games

    Going from interactivity to gaming requires players to learn more advanced skills like timing, co-op and insight. But don't worry, we'll teach you just that! With this collection of dynamic games players are introduced to basic timing skills, social awareness (contribution of other players) and focussing on the task at hand. The ambiance of the games is more detailed and more elements fill the screen. Step by step, players will learn to use all skills simultaneously (without time pressure).

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    Required skills Gameplay Results Stress Level Developmental age
    Level 3 Requires action at intended moment Slightly dynamic
  • Initiates timing skills
  • Develops social awareness (contribution of other players)
  • Develops focus on task at hand
  • Develops motor control
  • Low 3 - 4 years
    Level 4
  • Requires accurate action at requested moment
  • Requires to wait for other players to act
  • Dynamic
  • Develops timing skills
  • Initiates co-op skills (turn taking)
  • Strengthens motor control
  • Moderate 4 - 6 years

    Level 5-6 (Zippy)

    Get your gaming on with this collection of extravagant co-op games.

    Wanna game? Let's prepare! Learn to act, score and collaborate in time and strengthen your dynamic, collaborative gaming skills. Once you get the hang of it, prepare for more complex levels and challenges.

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    Required skills Gameplay Results Stress Level Developmental age
    Level 5 Requires accurate action simultaneously Highly dynamic
  • Develops co-op skill
  • Strengthens timing skills
  • Strengthens focus
  • Strengthens motor control
  • High 7 - 9 years
    Level 6
  • Requires precise action continuously
  • Requires collaboration with other players
  • Complex
  • Strengthens co-op skills
  • Strengthens motor control
  • Develop competitive awareness
  • Performing under (time) pressure
  • Very High 10+ years