The Dotty Games Pack

For level 1-2

The Dotty Games Pack consists of 6 unique and fun games build around our 'Next Level' model. Dotty is especially build for people in level 1 and 2 (people with a developmental age of 1-3 years).

  • Six games for the price of one
  • Supports all input devices
  • Infinite updates with new content


The accessible gaming console

Pillo is an accessible gaming console on which the games are controlled with the Pillo game controller. Due to its intuitive interactions, everyone can play games with Pillo. Just hug, squeeze and shake to control the games.

Pillo can be used for:
  • Activation & training
  • Rehabilitation & exercise
  • Collaboration & fun
Pillo is created for:
  • Kids
  • Elderly people
  • People with a disabilities
* Only available in The Netherlands & Belgium